Saturday, 31 July 2010

Friday, 30 July 2010

Iv had the same jeans on for four days now....♥

Okay so maybe there not jeans, but they are shortsss. And i have had them on since tuesday morning:/ a day trip to scotland manged to turn into been stranded in scotland for 3 days with no clothes. it has however proved that you can have a good time, despite a lack of clothes:) a trip to tesco got me sorted with essentials; make-up, tights, pants, bra's and a few tees's. but other than that i have been stripped. Why is it that every topshop is 3 hours away in scotland?

So after discovering we were stuck we checked into a lovely loch side hotel which undoubtably served the most delicious food.:) a night on the budwiser and pool proved to be fun, and the next morning hangovers n'all we were checking out again. only to discover that 8 hours later we would be checking in again. hopefully there will be better look tonight in getting home:)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Is it ever gonna be enough?

Friends stayed over last night and in the early hours of this morning i snapped my bed:/ after sellotaping my bed was dissastourous i eventually got an uncomfortable nights sleep. then i was up at 6am!!! hmm feeling very sleepy right now tbh, i nice cool shower will be in order soon.
What to do today though? i texted my best friend, no reply.... was thinking a browse through the shops? or maybe a walk in the park? Since leaving school i feel penniless. im running out of money to spend with all the free time i have.
Maybe its time to get the sewing kit out and make a change to the clothes i currently have? seen as though all my money is going on gigs recently. When will metric be doing a uk tour though? its actually a matter of life or death that i see them tbh! I think i may be in love with metric.:)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Best friends

Irreplacable, nothing compares to the bond between true best friends. i could fuck her boyfriend, and do you know what? she wouldnt even have a problem with me. we may dissgree, she doesnt like my bands and i hate her pop chart trash.... But despite our differences we complement each other in the best possible way and will always be best friends. This may appear as abit of a pointless post... but hey this is my first day and im just getting started. plus what better fashion statement is there than a BEAUTIFUL friendship?


At sixteen i spend hours upon hours trowling magazines and websites, longingly looking at the millions of clothes waiting at my fingertips. theres only one problem, money. Wouldnt it be nice if i had endless ammounts. if everything i saw could become a key item in my forever growing wardrobe. well here are a few peices which dont take a bottomless piggy bank.... just a lot niceness to my parents:)
These boots are my feet for the summer. i fell in love with them instantly. they give all my outfits a quirky statement.

This jumpsuit is sheer amazing. the pretty floral print is perfect to hit the festivals this summer. ans at only £25 i could get two of them:)

This underwear set is lovely. another "what katie did" peice you can purchase the set for £51 from urban outfitters

I adore this pretty corset by "what katie did." only around £70 from urban outfitters.

These cute shorts are made from an old pair of levi jeans and they can be yours for £28

The cute blazer by "free people" is a steal. origionally £68 it is now only £40!

This cute tee is a true origionall:) for a young soul like myself i cant wait to team with shorts and boots

This edgy vest is a must have for me. a true way to show my love for new york.