Monday, 26 July 2010

Is it ever gonna be enough?

Friends stayed over last night and in the early hours of this morning i snapped my bed:/ after sellotaping my bed was dissastourous i eventually got an uncomfortable nights sleep. then i was up at 6am!!! hmm feeling very sleepy right now tbh, i nice cool shower will be in order soon.
What to do today though? i texted my best friend, no reply.... was thinking a browse through the shops? or maybe a walk in the park? Since leaving school i feel penniless. im running out of money to spend with all the free time i have.
Maybe its time to get the sewing kit out and make a change to the clothes i currently have? seen as though all my money is going on gigs recently. When will metric be doing a uk tour though? its actually a matter of life or death that i see them tbh! I think i may be in love with metric.:)

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