Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Baby tonight is the night!

Whisked away to a private dining room at the harrogate brasserie, then i had my meal disturbed by a drunk friend popping by with champagne. Then up into town to a blues bar, then on to a rock bar. not forgetting me sliding past the bouncers whilst my mum got ID'd! ahaa. I have to say thankyou to everyone for birthday, it was by far the best and i loved every min! heres a few memories, some canon some compact:)

Momma me and shannon:)

Emily me and momma


Emily and shannon:)

And me again:)

You've got me popping champagne


Can i please take this room home?

Shannons napkin hat:) thankyou for that baby:)


Okay so i said i would be posting more, but i still havent got into the swing of things yet and i suppose this is a little bit late:/
but it was my birthday on saturday and i am now SEVENTEEENNN!
I got my beautiful canon camera which i am estatic about:) and here are some pictures i took from the day with it:)
There will be another post tonight showing the night:) which tbh was AMAZING!

Im proud to be there friend(:

I hope they are proud to be mine:)

And this is me again(:

And my beautiful girls:)

Me and my lovely camera(:

My house and my girls(:

Me and my girlies:)

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well the most important thing to catch you up on is that im now and OFFICIAL STUDENT! check out my id card;) and if im honest it hasnt really been too much of a struggle, mainly long days of shopping with a few lessons thrown in every now and then;)
i have to say i am loving some of the vintage shops in leeds, and as im now there everyday there will probably be a lot of buys being posted upon here for you to see:)
so far there have been quite a few buys, my faveourites being this adorable oversized vintage cardigan im wearing, and a pair of vintage levi's cut-off shorts!
Oooh and today i got the cutest bralet and a top with some polaroid photo's on it:)
i really love photographyy! but need a scanner now to share some of my lovely film photography:)
ooooooh and another thing. ITSS MY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAYYYY!
And im getting a canon camera:)
Anyway sorry about the quick postt! but i promise i will get back to blogging more once im settled in college more! and more importantly HAVE MY CAMERA:)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Like a virgin.

Okay so today has been a rather exiting day for me:) and for any other nearly 17 year old it isnt likely to be anything special. But today is the day my hair finally lost its virginity:) naturally blonde i have never touched my hair with a dye, EVER.
But today thats changed, as i have just a few HIGHLIGHTS!
it may only be a small step, but i love them! and afterall why would a natural blonde want to get rid?
I left the shop with a bag full of bedhead in tow, and my hairs virginity GONE!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Lets Run Away?

Okay i suppose i should admit that the runwaways have become abit of an obsession for me. i cannot wait to see the film in cinema when its finally released september 10th! although i have already watched it online numerous times ( yes i really couldn't wait:/)
But its not the film im just obsessed with, the background of the band is also very intresting. Iv already ordered neon angel, an in depth biography by cherie currie and i really cant wait to read it!
so anyhow thought i would share some of the collection of "runaways" pictures iv mounted on my laptop:)

Dakota fanning and kristen stewart portraying a great joan jett and cherie currie

But you cant beat the original girls:)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

1 monthh

Gosh its been a month since i first started blogging. and although there hasnt been too much going off on my blog i still feel the need to celebrate:)<3
Im looking forward to starting college on the 13th of september where i will be studying media, photography and english:) and of course i will be sharing my work with my blog:)
anyhow i have been looking at some fashion photography to inspire me for college! here it is...

There are no miracles, and this is no miraculous life

So as promised, even with the lack of a camera of my own i managed to get a picture of me in my jumpsuit:) i adore it:) despite the fact my father just laughed when i walked through the door:L

I have to say yesterday was a lovely day shopping, it was great to have a good catch up with my friend too! Heres a shot of some of my buys.