Wednesday, 1 September 2010

There are no miracles, and this is no miraculous life

So as promised, even with the lack of a camera of my own i managed to get a picture of me in my jumpsuit:) i adore it:) despite the fact my father just laughed when i walked through the door:L

I have to say yesterday was a lovely day shopping, it was great to have a good catch up with my friend too! Heres a shot of some of my buys.


  1. love that brick wall in the background.. soo sick. and love those t shirts!!!

  2. Love the shorts!

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  3. Thats my house:) aha.
    and yeahh the shorts are my fave tooo!

  4. Love the jumpsuit. So awesome! New follower:)
    Check out my blog!

  5. Ooh I have those shorts too, the American flag ones! xx