Monday, 30 August 2010


I have been so busy recently, working, sorting out college, and getting the house reapainted what not. I have barely had chance to get to a source of internet but im finally updating my blog!!
Hmmm shopping the other day ate at a lovely chocolate cafe and just thought i would share my buys! got some work blouses etcc. and then in the sale found a beautiful floral jumpsuitt! i got some gold wedges to go with it too:) and although i have no pictures yet, im going shopping tommorow with a friend so i shall be wearing it then and hopefully get some pictures:)
Im gutted to be missing out on the festivals this year, so i guess this is my little festival buy to wear at the festivals im not going too :/ :L
heres a few shot of festival fashion anyway to show me what im missing.


  1. agreed:) i absolutely love her!
    thankyu both for stopping by my blog:)