Monday, 30 August 2010


I have been so busy recently, working, sorting out college, and getting the house reapainted what not. I have barely had chance to get to a source of internet but im finally updating my blog!!
Hmmm shopping the other day ate at a lovely chocolate cafe and just thought i would share my buys! got some work blouses etcc. and then in the sale found a beautiful floral jumpsuitt! i got some gold wedges to go with it too:) and although i have no pictures yet, im going shopping tommorow with a friend so i shall be wearing it then and hopefully get some pictures:)
Im gutted to be missing out on the festivals this year, so i guess this is my little festival buy to wear at the festivals im not going too :/ :L
heres a few shot of festival fashion anyway to show me what im missing.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Okay so usually i hate it when people use abbreviations like "lmao" and "rofl" but last night i litterally rOfL. got home from scotland after a very long drive to walk in the door and discover the colour green!
whilst we were away we were haaving our living room floor painted, and courtesy of our neighbours this is what it looks like...

It will be being repainted black soon! :)

Highland Snaps

Im finally back home:) Well on the way there anyway. and here are some are some of my scottish snaps. We stayed in my familys lochside caravan, and then one night ventured further out to camp on a scottish island. it was amazing. we also did a trip to a old jail which was rather funn:)
The lochside

The Island

And a trip to jail

Friday, 13 August 2010

Pack Up!

Okay so iv spent the day packing, and its ubelievable how much i am taking just for a week in scotland! :L Midnight tommorow il be on the road, ready to set up camp on an island.:) Whilst packing i found i little denim bag made out of a pair of old levi's! i would post pictures, but seen as though i broke my camera, you will haave to wait till i post the holiday snaps:)
till then iv been looking at some scottish inspired snaps:)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

First day of work today:)
i finally have a job and im waitressing in a lovely country pubb:)
One thing i cant stand thoughh? the formaility of it all.
you know, white shirt and black pencil skirttt. its sooo boring. and yeah maybe i feel older. but BLAHHHHHH!
Im really scared of losing my sense of style to skirts and blouses!
So heres some inspirational pictures to remind me of the clothes i LOVE :)