Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well the most important thing to catch you up on is that im now and OFFICIAL STUDENT! check out my id card;) and if im honest it hasnt really been too much of a struggle, mainly long days of shopping with a few lessons thrown in every now and then;)
i have to say i am loving some of the vintage shops in leeds, and as im now there everyday there will probably be a lot of buys being posted upon here for you to see:)
so far there have been quite a few buys, my faveourites being this adorable oversized vintage cardigan im wearing, and a pair of vintage levi's cut-off shorts!
Oooh and today i got the cutest bralet and a top with some polaroid photo's on it:)
i really love photographyy! but need a scanner now to share some of my lovely film photography:)
ooooooh and another thing. ITSS MY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAYYYY!
And im getting a canon camera:)
Anyway sorry about the quick postt! but i promise i will get back to blogging more once im settled in college more! and more importantly HAVE MY CAMERA:)

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